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Habitat Conservation

Consider putting your property in wildlife conservation. We have placed our 65 acres under a conservation easement so it will never be developed. We are ideally placed in Dinwiddie county and surrounded on three sides by land which has been placed in conservation.


Are you clear cutting your property? Replant with several types of hardwoods instead of pines. The wildlife will thank you!


Another snow February 15th 2016! The birdfeeders have been mobbed by Gold Finches! So glad I took the time yesterday to top off all of the feeders. We are using home made suet, black oil sunflower seeds and thistle. Small birds need a ready source of high energy food. Be sure there is also a dish of fresh water.




Home made Suet:

1 jar of crunchy peanut butter

melted lard

cornmeal, raisens, oatmeal, unsalted nuts, sunflower seeds, wild bird seed


Save the peanut butter jar. Use equal amounts of peanut butter and melted lard and mix well. Add a scoop of cornmeal, a handful of raisens and unsalted nuts. Repack into peanut butter jar. Clip several wooden clothspins to jar opening to use as roosts. I save the netting from hams, onion, potato sacks to use to slip the jar into for hanging. Extra suet mixture can be frozen for use later.

On December 5th, 2013, Thunder Eagle Wildlife was certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a habitat area for wildlife! The property is also maintained under a wildlife conservation program with the Ward Burton wildlife foundation. These choices help us maintain a living habitat for local wildlife.

With the exception of a 15 acre tract of grassy pasture, the area is allowed to grow unrestricted. The tract includes a fresh water stream (Beaver Pond Creek), wetlands, hardwood and pine growth. A variety of wild turkey, white tailed deer, black bear, rabbits and squirrels are observed on a regular basis.



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