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Thunder Eagle Wildlife

We are retiring! As of October 1st, 2017, Thunder Eagle Wildlife, will be retiring. Larry began working with wildlife approx 60 years ago. It's time for a vacation!


After long consideration we have retired to close the facility. Our avain ambassitors will be re-homed where they can continue their work.


Over the years we have made so many new friends and appreciate your years of support. Please continue to support wildlife and their care. A list of wildlife rehabilitators are listed on the Virginia Game and Island Fisheries website.

~With love,

Karen and Larry WhiteEagle-Fisher

Whats New!

April 2017: due to an unusally warm winter/spring babies are arriving early! Squirrels, possums, raptors have all been nesting almost a month early.

Incubators from have been getting plenty of use.

January 2017. The winter has been peacefully quite. Sporatically, we have had several older birds arrive in with severe wing sad. 

But spring creeps slowly forward..there are dandilions and bluettes blooming in the back and daffodil bulbs are popping through the hard earth and keeping the bird feeders full has become a weekly event! Sunflower hulls cover the sidewalk daily.

It won't be long before baby season is here! Keep your local wildlife rehabbers in mind as you shop. Puppy and kitten milk replacer, high quality dry kitten food, heating pads, baby blankets, cleaning supplies will help keep the wildlife supported.

Baby Wood Duck

May 2016: Busy Nursery! Currently we have 3 juvenile 'possums', 3 juvenile Barred Owls, 1 juvenile Great Horned Owl, 2 Red Shouldered Hawks and 3 Eastern Screech Owls.

Makes for lots of hungry mouths to feed and care for, especially when you count in the other permanent residents. All of these juveniles have been with us since the 'fluff ball' stages. It will be SO rewarding to be able to return these wildlife friends back into their environment.

We can't do this work alone. Your interest and support is so appreciated! Our local rehabbers have been so helpful; sharing wisdom and taking the duckling and baby 'possum' overflow. We LOVE each and every one of you!!

We are among those folks who will be affected by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline progress through Virginia. We have to admit that we were very skeptical about dealing with "Big Business" and were very worried that there would be conservation concerns as they crossed the property on our farmland. But what a pleasant surprise when we found out that these people were interested in our opinions and tolerated our 'grouchiness' with a healthy tolerance and a smile. 

It has been an education for us as well as the Pipeline surveyors and those who have to pave the way and deal with the landowners 'one on one'.

We were concerned about the company's image in the general public and felt that more focus needed to be made on their conservation efforts and successes. Why not pursue a cooperative effort??

They awarded Thunder Eagle Wildlife with a grant to start the building of the flight enclosure and yesterday we spent several hours with the public outreach crews who came out to interview and film the farm, animals, birds and us! They came prepared wearing their boots and jeans ready to navigate the pastures and "poopy" areas (part of farm life). They asked alot of questions....and of course received alot of answers.

Keep an eye out folks! There will be more to come~

May 11, 2016: We got the call from Dominion Power that they had the first delivery of untreated power poles ready! The crew arrived in the afternoon and were able to place the stack of poles right where we needed them. They even cut several of the poles "to size" to match the height that is required.

April 2016:Check presentation for $10,000.00 from Atlantic Coast Pipeline towards the buildling of our large raptor flight enclosure. 

Thunder Eagle Wildlife Van

March 2016:

Tanya and David Hale of HALE'S ELECTRIC SERVICE ( in Sutherland Virginia donated a work van for us to use! Plenty of room for crates, cages, blankets, flashlights and flares. Everything we need for animal rescue! We can not say enough nice things about this company and the folks that own it. They have been a joy to work with over the years (including the whole house generator--I do a happy dance every time the power goes out and the generator kicks on!). Larry even installed a flashing caution light for the top to keep us safe when we have to stop on the side of the busy roads. Thank you so much for your generousity. 


Did you notice the lettering on the van?? That work was done by Brian Banner of

BRIAN BANNER LETTERING in Petersburg (804-861-2314). He generously donated the materials and 'touched up' the rough spots on the van. Thank you so much! (His logo is on the lower left corner on the back of the van.)

August 2015: It has been a busy month! We have released the two Barred Owl babies, 3 Red Shouldered Hawks and a Green Heron. These all came to us a babies or fledglings and have kept us busy. We were also able to relocate a beautiful healthy Raccoon and a small possum. 

Taking bets on this little guy. Logger thought he had found a baby eagle. In reality, it is a baby hawk. Sounds like a Red Shoulder or Red Tailed. Too early to tell which but it is healthy and eating like a pig! Have to keep his nest basket on the tile floor so the "projectile poop" stays off the counters and walls. (they will not 'poop' in their nest but instead

                                                           'shoot' it over the side)

Barred Owl Babies came in to us the last week in April. 

Look how much we have grown! May 17, 2015

We moved the babies down to the outdoor enclosure to be with our surrogate Mama Barred Owl. They are just starting to leave their "nest" and expore the ledge. They have even started picking up their own mice that we leave for them.

May 17, 2015    The baby finch which we were able to re-nest flew successfully to the woods with his adopted siblings today! I'm sure Mama was kept busy with the 4 babies and for us, it sure beats keeping an 'only' baby happy. Nature knows best!

 April 20th, 2015 : We have added a new honey bee hive! These industrious workers will help us maintain the environment to support our local wildlife.

March 2015


We began a GO FUND ME account to help raise money for a large raptor flight pen


December 2014

Thunder Eagle Wildlife is now listed as a Category III facility in the state of Virginia. A special thanks to Dr. Deborah Kinney for the assitance in filing. We can now rehab eagles! Our Federal permit has been amended to allow us to care for and rehabilitate ALL birds to include Eagles.

December 2014

The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation has purchased the 600 acre parcel directly behind our property. This will forever be maintained for wildlife conservation with no public developement!

December 5th, 2013, Thunder Eagle Wildlife was certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a new Wildlife Habitat!

Our local newspaper, The Courior Record, in Blackstone, Virginia ran a 'press release' on January 6th, 2014 to announce our certification.

Our Projects

Raptor Flight Pen: Dinwiddie county has an underserved wildlife population. There are NO conditioning flight pens in our area that will accomodate the larger raptors.

We are currently reviewing plans to errect a suitable flight pen, here, on our 65 acre site in rural Dinwiddie county.



We receive NO funding from State or Federal agencies.

We deeply appreciate all donations.


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